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fuck shit penis dick ass nigger jew cunt

ya so i officially hate my life. every time things start working out and i am actually happy something comes along and fucks it up and depresses the shit out of me again. first i got kicked out of my media arts class for some really gay reasons, and i was going to have to go sit in some dumb room for an intire period doing nothing since i needed to be full time. but then i decided to say fuck you to being full time and getting child support and dropped down to only one class, math, the only credit i need to graduate. and i was happy and actually going and everything was finally starting to look up. this lasted about a week. b/c yesterday i got fired from canadian tire for no reason. they said it wasn't working out. i asked how is it not working out. and she repeated it just isn't working out. i guess since it was still like 3 days under the 3 month probation period they didn't need a reason. so this "depressed the shit out of me" just like getting kicked out of the media arts class did cause i was reallly looking forward to makeign films. and canadian tire "depressed the shit out of me" b/c i actually really enjoyed that job. i really really really did. and those aren't the only 2 things they are just the most recent. i can't think of anything else of the top of my head but i know there were other things..........

i wonder how long it will be until something else shitty happens to me.
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classes aint shit but hoes and tricks.
nor CT.
awww, that's so shitty, i am really sorry that that happened. what kind of reason is "it wasn't working out" that's fucking retarded.
we should go cut some throats.