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fuck u weed

ok so most of you know that i don't smoke weed but i have nothing against it right? well guess what some of you, and you know who u are, are makeing me HATE IT!!!!! Because all that you ppl want to do is go and smoke drugs. " hey what you wanna do?" " oh we are going to hit a show" and it's the same day after day after day. do you know how annoying it gets? it's controlling ur lives. you are addicted. you have a problem. get help. you life revolves around a plant that gets u high. how sad is that. I used to hate how i didn't like it but now i am extremly happy that i don't, b/c now there is no chance in me ending up like you.

well thx for ur time and hopefull this post will make you rethink ur lives.

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