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ya wow these last posts just really made it hit me...... i will NEVER have another day of school with like half of you guys and lots of other ppl. and it's depressing the hell out of me. man this sucks but at the same time it's kool to see ppl moveing on. to see wat they are going to do with there lives. b/c we all turn out different. man i hope atleast one of us is rich and famous and still friends with us so we can mooch there money lol. atleast we still have after exam days and summer. we need to go to davids house and play massa or go to curtises and play that strange game where we play that game where u try to kidnap ppl? and make another movie atleast one more time b4 summer is over. and we better go swimming at jens house on the last day of exams cause we always do. it's a tridition. sorry if it sounds like i'm trying to invite ppl to your house jen i'm just saying. cause i think we have like every year since grade 9 so like we have to.... we also need to biker gang and stay out at night and watch the stars and do all of our names in a circle at least one more time b4 everyone seperates. as much as i hate to say it i think some of the best times i have ever had with you guys were sober times. i miss them but i guess thats part of growing up.
ok well i'm off to bed. good luck to everyone on ur exams even tho u probobly wont see this until after ur first one. oh well good luck on all of ur other exams

love patrick aka the one and a half
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I left your present on your bed
I will be around. I'm hard to get rid of.
And we will do lots of those things this summer, plus way funner stuff.
it's okay patrick.
swimming at my house on monday is a definate must.
awwww, that was nice.
don't worry! kristian will be famous, and we can mooch his money. right? right?

and yes, we haev to have sober fun. and I agree, the best memories I have are from being sober and doing fun stuff like you said.
well i guess you can mooch off me, you can all live on my island. and who remembers jumping on each other in the dark? that was the shit